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Flipping the Scripts

In the summer of 2017, Emily Moss Wilson ’05 found herself in a New York City boardroom with Lifetime network executives looking for someone to direct happy holiday movies. Given her background in thrillers, she had to work to convince them that she understood “nobody’s gonna get murdered.”

Wilson wrote and directed her first thriller in 2014. Drink is a short, eerie film about a mother whose life is changed after a night in an old motel room; it has more than 5 million views on YouTube. In 201

Dorothy Draper — Paxton Place Design

Most of the spaces she designed were for elite crowds, but Draper’s style aimed to bring extravagance to everyone. She has been remembered as saying, “there seems to be within all of us an innate yearning to be lifted momentarily out of our own lives into the realm of charm and make believe.”

Some of Draper’s notable works include the Metropolitan Museum of Art cafeteria, nicknamed “The Dorotheum” in her honor, the Greenbriar Hotel & Resort, and some unique fabric patterns, such as “Romance & R

House Plant History — Paxton Place Design

While houseplants may seem commonplace now, they were not always around. They were once just, well, plants! So how did some plants make the jump from sunning in the garden to enjoying the AC?

Early houseplants can be traced back to ancient China, where greenery in the home was viewed as a symbol of wealth.

Meanwhile, in the Babylonian Empire, Emperor Nebuchadnezzar was busy commanding the building of a multi-story indoor garden for his wife. Today, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are known as o
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About Me

Hi! I'm Abigail. 

I have experience in content creation, marketing, and retail & wholesale fashion. 

In my back pocket I've got: a BA in Journalism & minor in German from Texas Christian University, an eclectic mishmash of work experience, and a can-do attitude!

In my next career position, I'm looking for opportunities that involve creativity, adventure, and professional growth. 

Currently in: Berkeley, CA 


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Interior Design Newsletter

Beach House Style

If you can’t find time to book a trip to the beach this summer (or would rather just enjoy the feel of the beach without all that sand) not to worry! We have a solution, and it involves putting up some festive stay-cation decorations.

Here are some fun ways to incorporate the beach into your home.

1. String lights

String lights aren’t just for dorm rooms. They’re a great way to add interesting lighting to your indoor and outdoor spaces. The Home Depot has lots of string light options to help you dress up your patio.

2. Beach textures – think unfinished stained wood and seagrass.

Unfinished rustic textures, like painted wood, have an inherently beachy feel. If you have any wooden surfaces in need of some love, staining is a great DIY project to undertake. Woven grass wallpapers, à la Philip Jeffries, are another way to incorporate raw textures into your space and mimic a beach landscape.


Finally, pack a lunch and enjoy a couple of sand-free sandwiches as you take in your work. Happy stay-cation!

Ceramicist Newsletter

The ordinary story behind a bursting blue hue 💙

­Tasked with fulfilling an order for a coffee shop, Kendall Davis went to the supply store in search of the perfect blue.

Once back at the studio with the multiple contenders, she swatched each shade, sent them into the kiln and was wow-ed by one obvious showstopper. What could the name of this mesmerizing shade be?! she thought. 

Medium Blue. 

Hm. Well that was anti-climactic.

“I never would have chosen such an average color– and it even looked average blue in the jar," said Davis. "But when it came out of the kiln. WOW.”

So maybe the lesson here is don’t judge a color by its label. 😊


Creative Non Fiction  Blurbs

Geodes and Disagreements

I stand in the kitchen, examining the innards of the plastic butter tub, the topographical cuts into the cold yellow landscape. There are a few crumbs here and there, my crumbs. And one unidentified, it has the look of Roommate 1’s gluten free, protein-rich ultra-packaged loaf sitting on the middle shelf of the fridge.

This butter is spreadable butter, and it was my splurge in the grocery haul. The simple white tub, the bright orange lid. No GMOs! The cow on the tub is holistic looking enough that I am convinced he has a happy life supplying the butter company with milk and cream.

This butter is a treat to myself, and I decide to stand my ground. The cow and I frown, thinking about the best way to confront my roommate without coming off as paranoid.

Autumnal Hymn

Just two days before today, it began to feel like Fall. The gentle cooling winds, swirling now-imaginary-but-soon-to-be-colorful deadlings from the trees. It’s a windows full down, not uncomfortable, smile at the man playing guitar on his porch, drive around beginning of the season.

I sit meditatively on my haunches outside, eyes closed, rubber mat and crunchy uneven ground underfoot. And I breathe the new air in and out of my lungs. As much as can be done with a sickly snuffly nose. My body sucks the air in, desperately wanting to settle the year-long craving. It feels like power and new energy and hope. I can feel the beginning of satiety.

I hardly hear the back door open, it’s a sound far behind me. My eyes intently closed; it takes focus welcoming the new season.