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What we’re reading: Florida’s potential flood prompts evacuations, Derek Chauvin trial reconvenes

The Manatee Jail in Manatee County, Fla., is relocating more than 300 low-risk inmates outside an issued evacuation zone for the leaking Piney Point phosphate pond, according to the Bradenton Herald. Sheriff Rick Wells of the jail announced the revised plan Sunday night after an initial plan made earlier that day. The remaining inmates and the medical unit will be moved to the second floor, leaving a 10-foot clearance in case of a flood. Florida officials are pumping the Piney Point site, a fo

What we’re reading: Six confirmed dead in interstate pileup near downtown Fort Worth

Six people dead in nearly 100 car interstate pileup Six people have been confirmed dead while dozens of others were injured in a massive car accident that happened early Thursday morning on I-35 near downtown Fort Worth, according to the Star Telegram. The incident is the result of overnight winter weather changes throughout North Texas, leading to icy road conditions. A succession of vehicles were unable to come to a stop and crashed into each other. The crash involved 18-wheelers, MedStar a